Uncover Secrets and Treasures from A World Gone Past

Test yourself and embark on a captivating treasure-hunting journey

Top experiences, amazing puzzles

The VOC Treasure

Treasure hunt in a box based on a true story.

Junior Treasure Hunter

Online treasure hunt with unexpected puzzles.

Mysteries of Alchemy

Treasure hunt in an envelope leads to a mysterious treasure.

The VOC Treasure

In this treasure hunt, you have to find a location of a sunken ship. Being based on a true story makes this treasure hunt even more exciting to play. You can find a page of the original ships journal in the box.

Fun solving puzzles together

Multiple puzzles can be solved at any time during the game. Although you can choose to be the only treasure hunter, a group of 2 to 4 people is recommended. This treasure hunt is for people from 14 years and older.

In the box

All boxes have been put together by the creator (Jachin Letwory) with great attention to detail. You can expect a wooden box, fabric map, wind roses, maps, pictures, a real glass bottle and more.

Our dog is guarding the boxes after they have been filled with all the beautiful material.

All over the world people have solved
"The VOC Treasure"

D. Brizio – Italy: “Congratulations, it is a wonderful game and we are proud to say that we solved it all without using a single hint”

Jennifer Chen – USA: “Hi Jachin, just wanted to let you know that my friend and I played The VOC Treasure yesterday and had a great time”

Sean Miller – The Netherlands: Hello there, I hope you are well (review during Corona). I have your puzzle box, The VOC Treasure. It’s a lot of fun and beautifully designed I might add.

Unboxing - Escape The Roomers


Most frequent questions and answers

You can easily play it alone but it’s better to play with 2 to 4 people. If you want to play with more people I suggest to buy more copies.

Yes. The story is about treasure hunting and you have to solve puzzles, find clues and decode ciphers. In this game the theme The East India Company. 

Yes, there three hunts at this moment: 

  • The VOC Treasure
  • Mysteries of Alchemy
  • (online treasure hunt) Joboffer – Junior Treasure Hunter

There is a supplement package. After you finish the game you can add the items from the supplement package to make the original game complete again. Now you can sell it or give it as a present.

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