Escape Game

Joboffer - Junior Treasure Hunter

Do you love adventure, solving puzzles and thinking "out of the box"? Then this exciting job (read, escape game) is what you're looking for.

Joboffer (escape game)

Junior Treasure Hunter

As a Junior Treasure Hunter you will follow clues to undiscovered treasures. To interpret the clues you have to be able to solve puzzles and riddles online .

Applying for this job means you will be invited for a special kind of job interview (escape game). If you prove you have the basic knowledge and skills, then you might be the Junior Treasure Hunter we're looking for.

During this "job interview" you'll be searching for the location where once a treasure was found. Find this location and have a chance at your dream job

Contact: Nathaniël Drake

How It Works

1-4 players

Play the escape game using one computer or share the game using a conference call.

1,5 to 3 hours

Depending on your previous experience and knowledge and use of hints.


Computer (preferred), tablet or mobile with internet. Pen and paper are recommended.

Level of Difficulty 3/5

This is part 1 of a series that increases in difficulty. Hints are present.

Get 5%, 10% or 15% discount by solving puzzles


  • Apply (order the game)
  • Download and save the personalized PDF from the order confirmation page.
  • Start whenever it suits you best
  • Follow in others' footsteps


"This game is such a blast to play. Something interesting for the diehard escape room fans and a very exciting adventure for beginners and families. Everything is clear and the flow of all the puzzles is almost flawless. Definitely something you can do while quarantened

Joeri Jacobs

3rd at WC Escape Rooms

"A treasurehunt that takes you to all corners of the virtual world. Travelling without having to pack your suitcases 🙂 The journey is filled with secret codes, mysterious places and fun new discoveries. I played the Treaserhunt by myself, but I can imagine that a hunt with 2 or 3 persons is also a lot of fun. It's not too long, so you won't be glued to your screen for hours and hours. It's a win for me, a recommendation for sure!"


“I found this experience to be very good. There was a good variety of puzzle types and a range of websites used. Hints are available if you get stuck. Well worth trying if you enjoy puzzles and ciphers!“

Sue Jenkins


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