Catch Me If You Can


CMIYC is a crime based escape game. You are the main character on a misson. As a special field agent you are always in contact with your analyst at HQ. Using all the clues in the wooden box you try to puzzle your way out of this mystery.

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Ding dong…… Special Delivery

You thought it would be a lazy night on the couch binge-watching…..

Well, you thought wrong. When was the last day as an agent you could rest? NEVER! 24/7 at the top of your game, that’s when you are at your best. There’s a reason your nickname is 247.

That special delivery from HQ made you feel it happening straight away. Even before opening the wooden box with a crow bar, goosebumps appear on your back. You know this feeling all too well. Mysteries like these are the exact reason you joined the “force” and became a field agent.

In your mind, you play back the words the delivery boy told you when he gave you the “mystery box”: HQ received a bunch of boxes addressed to all field agents. Sender unknown, reason unknown but what’s inside was scanned and marked “not a present danger” by HQ’s security. So, good luck…

Countless hours of training kick in and you immediately jump into full action “mode”. You open the box and establish contact with your assigned analyst at HQ.

Now it’s your mission to find out who the sender is and bring him in for questioning. To do so the agency has Swat teams all over Europe on standby.

Scene from the game


Real materials, physical actions, online control center, AR (augmented reality) and puzzles are the ingredients of this Mystery Game.

In continuation of the materials used in The VOC Treasure and Mysteries of Alchemy, we choose to use real material again. To name a few:

  • big map of 84 cm x 59 cm
  • real glass bottle
  • wooden box and an iron crowbar to open it
  • deck of playing cards (each set is prepared by hand)
  • An Ice scraper

For this game, we choose to introduce “the analyst” to communicate with. Instead of giving hints the analyst is there to help you analyse problems, provide you with advice and he checks your answers.


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